Finding Non Executive Directors & Chairmen / Independent Directors

NED and Chairman Search and Recruitment via email Advertising with the ITNEA, to its membership – directors of technology companies

Highly focused advertising for directors and chairmen – direct email to their inbox, with personal message from the ITNEA committee, expected by recipients  

The ITNEA appointments advertising service is for companies and organisations (+ their advisors and search agents) seeking to recruit non executive directors, independent directors, and chairmen (or for similar roles and requirements).  Our members who receive the advertisement will typically have an IT, telecommunications / technology background and/or related board experience.   Many members also have experience in other industries and sectors and both public / listed company and unlisted company experience as well as similar roles with charities and public bodies. 

Advertising Service Summary  – quickly  find Independent directors and chairmen – NEDs or fill other roles with similar person profiles

The ITNEA provides a very cost effective, email based, advertising service for companies wishing to recruit experienced non-executive directors or chairmen; and for similar roles.  ITNEA members are a highly focused group of  500 + directors with listed technology company experience and many with extensive experience as private company directors and in non technology businesses covering both UK and international businesses.  This service provides a most efficient way to reach this pool of highly talented individuals with details on NEDs, Chairmen and other related appointment vacancies and opportunities in businesses, charities and public sector organisations.  Related (e.g. such as advisory, mentoring or temporary) roles and other opportunities and services likely to be of interest to members can also be advertised if seen as relevant and of interest to the members.  Advertisements are circulated as electronic attachments to a personal email to members from an ITNEA committee member.  As such they are expected.

The Chairman & Non Executive Director Recruitment Service

*    Companies and their advisors looking for additional non-executive / independent directors, a Chairman or related roles can advertise to the ITNEA membership.

*    These advertisements are very cost effective

*    Advertisements are emailed to the ITNEA membership, plus a small number of equally qualified individuals who are not currently members (ex and prospective members seeking non-exec roles).

*    Applicants respond directly to the client email address shown named in the email, i.e. not to the ITNEA.

*    Responses often come within minutes of the advertisement being emailed out.

*    Companies report that they are able to build a highly qualified shortlist literally within days, and have been known to make appointments within 2 weeks.

*    Members are reminded to keep the advertisement details confidential.

*    An anonymous email ‘PO Box’ can be set up to receive replies for companies who do not wish to publicise their search.  The email replies are automatically forwarded, so the PO Box does not cause significant delay to the process.

How to Use the Service to your benefit

*    Simply email the advertisement to itnea search with details of whom to invoice and confirmation of acceptance of the fee.

    *    The advertisement should include information on the company, the location, the time commitment and the skills and experience required for the role.

    *    The more specific the information the more focused the resulting shortlist will be. 

    *    The email should also specify to whom applicants should respond.

    *    The fee + VAT is payable on or before despatch of the advertisement.  (Please contact David Tebbs or email itnea search for fee details or ring 0845 644 7020)

    *    Sit back and wait for the responses!

Because of the membership criteria for ITNEA, those who respond are highly qualified, experienced company directors, and (if relevant) with experience in the technology sector.  Advertisements under NED Search and Chairmen Search are similar services. 

Chairman / Director Advertising Results

We have helped companies find a wide range of people, for NED, chairman and other related roles  The results of this service have been excellent.  As advertisements are directly emailed to individual members who are interested in receiving them, response is usually very fast.  Many companies have commented on the speed with which they have been able to build a top quality short list of highly qualified candidates.  Typical client company comments include:

Gary Sutton, Financial and Operations Director at Message Pad followed up their search for a NED with the comments: “Thank you for your help in our NED search.  We have had a high number of quality responses to the email you circulated on our behalf and the service has been very useful”

and other positive commendations include:

Cliff Preddy, Chairman of Charteris emailed us: “Charteris announced the appointment our new independent non-executive director yesterday afternoon.  He expressed his interest within the first day or two of the opportunity being publicised via the ITNEA service, as indeed did the other three people that we decided to meet.  The service does seem to be very helpful indeed.”

“The response was fantastic.  I was approached by 12 people, interviewed 3 and met/meeting 3 more.  The quality of the people we met was excellent.  In the end we decided to go with A for the prime role and to retain B as an adviser/non-exec.“  Richard Young, Manchester Technology Fund – Venture Capital

6 Days to an appointment – an ITNEA NED advertisement emailed on 14 April  “The quality and quantity of responses we have received has been excellent.  We put together a short short list, interviewed on 18 and 20 April and found a candidate who met our requirements.”

Richard Higgs, Managing Director, Strategic Thought Limited.

“We had an excellent response to the advert, with a high quality of candidate.”

John O’Connell, Chairman and CEO of Staffware says  “My experience in using the ITNEA service has been outstanding.  Jane Tozer circulated our requirements  to the relevant ITNEA members and within a few days I was literally overwhelmed by both the quality and the quantity of applicants.  As a result I was able to announce two non-executive directors had joined our board a matter of a few weeks after initiating the enquiry.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the ITNEA service to any other company in a similar position.”

For further client company comments on Chairmen searches see Search for Chairmen page

Advertising for Non Executive Directors (NEDs), Chairmen or related roles – fuller description

The ITNEA search / advertising service can be used by listed and un-listed companies and other suitable organisations and their advisors with relevant roles to fill, including TMT and non TMT companies seeking a chairman, non-executive directors (NEDs), independent directors and other roles requiring individuals with similar backgrounds to those of our members.  Most advertisements are for chairmen, director or other advisory / advisory board or one off roles.

Certain other advertisements relevant to members may be accepted.

Step one is to agree an advertisement and fee with the ITNEA and then send us an email with your advertisement imbedded or attached as a word or pdf document.  Your advertisement will be emailed to the ITNEA membership registered for this service plus a number of associate members.  Experience indicates that you will start getting responses within hours, and will be able to draw up a powerful short-list within days of placing the advertisement.  Most IT, TMT and telecommunications companies, advertising through this service over recent years, have  proceeded successfully to an appointment.

Businesses in other sectors also find the service of value to recruit non executive directors and chairman.  Our members have had a wide range of director roles in many sectors and both listed and un listed businesses.  Indeed several members while active in the technology sector have in depth current or prior experience in other sectors. The service is used by many looking for candidates with profiles far wider than the criteria to join the ITNEA.  As such relevant roles in the public sector and the charity field may be advertised

To use the recruitment service you may wish to check with the ITNEA first as to the suitability of the service to a special need and as to the fee.  When ready to proceed just email itnea search  with the following information.  This will be emailed on agreement and payment of fees to registered members, in confidence.

Brief details of the Company including name*, nature of business, web address etc. (to help sell)

The role

Company location and other regular meeting locations

Time required from the non-executive director

Specific skills and experience sought

Contact individual: name, role, phone number, email address – to which applicants should respond.

The above information should be drafted as you wish potential candidates to see it, for inclusion with our advertising email or provided as a separate document for attachment – word or pdf format – to our email to members.  If you use an attachment please identify the client contact, invoice address etc in previous communication or in your covering email.   ITNEA will contact you to confirm the brief and fees that are payable on or before the advertisement is emailed, if that was not previously agreed.

* An ITNEA mail box option, with auto forwarding to you, is also available if you wish to keep the name of the Company confidential.  Please let us know if you wish to take up this option.

Search Firms and other company advisors wishing to use the service for their clients should follow the same process.

Advertising for other Roles and opportunities (of interest to Independent Directors and Chairmen)

If you wish to advertise a related opportunity that you believe would be of interest to members please email itnea search or ring 0844 644 7020 to discuss whether we can help.  Other roles and opportunities, that we judge may be of interest to members, can be advertised using the same process.

The advertising recruitment service is provided on the understanding that the advertising business / authority will acknowledge all applications from ITNEA members and will promptly update members applying on the progress of their application throughout the recruitment process.  The ITNEA can give no warranty as to the accuracy of information provided by applicants.  It is solely providing a vehicle for interested parties to make contact and determine themselves whether there is mutual interest. The advertisement is sent to members, recent members and candidate members who have expressed a wish to see such opportunities.

Members who wish to receive notices of such opportunities, but are not yet registered, see Appointments.  Members will have seen the increased advertisement levels as the economy recovers.


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