The Association

Background and Membership 

Founded by David Tebbs, the ITNEA was originally established in 1998 as a networking and discussion forum for non-executive chairmen and directors of quoted IT companies. The founding committee, chaired by David Tebbs, all held a variety of executive, chairman and non-executive directorships in the TMT (ICT) sector and felt that many such directors faced common sector issues and would value the opportunity to meet others in the same field. In the summer of 2000, the Association broadened the criteria for membership and activity as set out under Criteria for Membership below

The Association has been very successful, with members taking part either through attending meetings (mainly in London), joining in by responding to questionnaires and giving feedback on draft papers or responding to chairman and non executive director vacancy advertisements sent via the ITNEA. Association membership has progressively increased and now exceeds 600.  The Association has published a number of original papers by individual authors, and members contributed extensively to the Higgs Review of the role of the non-executive director.  Many appointments to non executive director and chairman roles have been made through the ITNEA advertising services offering opportunties for members, see: Appointments

Criteria for membership

Chairmen and Non-executives of all quoted companies in the TMT sector: The convergence of companies within this sector means they share many of the same issues, and it has long been difficult to simply differentiate “IT” companies (where ITNEA started) from some of the media and telecommunications companies.Chairman and Non-executives from unlisted TMT companies who are firmly * on the path to flotation: This is a stage of a company’s development where membership of the Association could be particularly useful for the non-executives, giving them access to others with experience of the particular issues of corporate governance and remuneration for quoted technology companies. We therefore decided to invite such individuals to join, on a case by case basis, where it is felt that both the non-executives and the Association would benefit from the invitation.  * a general intent to list is not sufficient, rather preparation for flotation is well underway, the timing has been publicly set and listing is a few weeks away.

Chairman and Non-executives from unlisted TMT companies who have moved from public to unlisted in the last 4 years This covers prior qualifiers who remain interested in listed NED matters post the change in their business.CEOs and Executive Directors of quoted companies in the TMT sector:  CEOs and CFOs who are interested in learning more of the NEDs perspective and meeting with NEDs, plus such executive directors who hold or are actively seeking non executive roles in quoted TMT companies, may also be accepted to join. 

The above all combine an interest in chairman and non executive director perspectives and technology listed companies.

If you are interested in joining the ITNEA, and meet one or more of these criteria, see  further information on this site and application details at Joining.  Members ceasing to qualify may remain members for a year.


The ITNEA has three objectives:

  • To act as a supporting forum for non-executive directors and chairmen in the TMT sector, giving them the opportunity to meet and discuss the particular issues faced in these roles with others in similar positions – networking.
  • To act as a bridge between organisations seeking to recruit NEDs & Chairman (and similar roles and the ITNEA members interested in further appointments).
  • To draw to members’ attention important lobbying opportunities, where issues that will effect them or their companies are under review.  With 460 + members (a count of a recent large sample indicated an average of 3 companies each) the ITNEA, thorough its members represents a large part of the technology listed community, as well as many other listed and un listed businesses.


ITNEA is not registered under the Data Protection Act, as it is a not-for-profit organisation which does not use data for any of the proscribed purposes.  ITNEA maintains data which is either provided directly by its members or is in the public domain.  ITNEA undertakes not to pass on any of this personal information (except to its sponsors who are registered under the Data Protection Act) without express permission beforehand.

Opportunity Matching and NED / Chairman Appointment Advertising Service

The ITNEA can assist companies (or their agents) to look for new non-executives directors and chairmen.  The joining form allows members to say whether or not they wish to hear of such opportunities.  Members can switch  this flag on/off at any time.  Companies provide an advertisement in Word or .pdf form with brief details on the business and the non-executive opportunities available.  These are then emailed to all members who have registered for the service. Members can then follow up with such companies directly, if they are interested.  This is not a head-hunting service, but advertising opportunities to members who have positively expressed an interest in new appointments.  Companies seeking such candidates see NED Search and Chairman Search, a small fee is payable in advance by the company/agent.  Members seeking further roles see Appointments. Wider opportunities can be advertised if seen as relevant to members.


The Association conducts its business through a variety of means:

Meetings for networking, discussion and to agree topics for the Association to work on. These typically include  2- 3 dinners a year and a number of other events such as early evening briefings, lunches etc.  Most events are in London. Chatham House rules apply.

Guest speakers on key topics at most of these meetings.  Members are encouraged to suggest speakers for future meetings

Working party meetings on defined action topics as needed.

Circulation by email of papers or other information of interest. A number of earlier papers can be seen on this web site.

Membership Networking and ITNEA LinkedIn Group

The core of ITNEA networking is through its meetings, many of which are structured to facilitate members meeting other members.  ITNEA has also set up a Group within LinkedIn.  Members can join this group from their LinkedIn personal home page or can sign up for LinkedIn at

Members having any difficulty in joining this group can email to request assistance.  If already a LinkedIn member, include in your email the email address you use for LinkedIn.


A committee was set up to coordinate ITNEA operations which are managed on a day to day basis by the two executive members.  The Committee refined the initial framework for the association which have since been modified through experience and consultation with the members.   Some administrative support has been kindly provided by sponsors.


No membership fees have been applied thanks to the support of sponsors, though fees may be charged at a later date or for particular events or services.

If you are interested in sponsorship of the ITNEA, please click Sponsor

Ceasing to Qualify for Membership

Members are requested to notify ITNEA if they cease to qualify.  At the committee’s discretion their membership may be extended for a period, particularly where they are still actively seeking further relevant directorships.


Non-Executive & Chairmen Appointments for ITNEA Members  

This service for potential applicants is for ITNEA members only 


The ITNEA provides an email based advertising service for companies recruiting non-executive directors, chairmen and similar roles.  Members can register with ITNEA that they are interested in further non-executive and related appointments.  When companies and other relevant organisations or their agents wish to make an appointment and use our service, advertisements are emailed by ITNEA direct to these members.  Members then contact the advertiser directly, if they meet the specified requirements and are interested in the vacancy.  Both listed and unlisted companies and their advisors use this service.  A few such emails are mailed to all members where the request is thought relevant for the wider membership

The ITNEA can give no warranty as to the accuracy of information provided in such advertisements and is solely providing a service enabling companies to reach a highly experienced pool of potential non-executives director and chairmen.

Members Seeking Appointments

Members wishing to register for this service should email Membership and request that their name be added to the register of members seeking further non executive and other similar opportunities.  Registration is accepted on the understanding that the individual agrees to receive emails advertising non-executive and related opportunities in listed and unlisted organisations.  (Most members will have registered for this service when applying to join the ITNEA)

Members follow up advertisements that are of interest to them directly with the party concerned.  While most advertisements are for non executive director and chairman appointments some may be for related roles and other opportunities.

While the ITNEA does not participate in the appointment process it welcomes feedback from both parties on the quality of contacts made as well as on those that lead to appointments.

Those seeking to recruit non-executive directors and chairmen (or other opportunities that might suit our members): see NED Search for further details on how to use this service from a company’s, head hunter or agent’s perspective


The service is highly valued by participating ITNEA members.  A member seeking non-executive opportunities recently said “You seem to come up with more actual opportunities than all my other contacts put together.”

Intellect  promote the ITNEA NED advertising service to their member companies, and promote ITNEA membership to relevantly qualified individuals in the industry, see Intellect 

Non-members Seeking Appointments 

If you are looking for non-executive appointments and don’t yet qualify for ITNEA membership we usually are unable to assist.  If you are not sure if you qualify or are near qualification email us with a summary of relevant experience and we will respond.