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ITNEA - Board Matters  - includes Information from EY

This page presents a number of papers and references of interest to ITNEA members, also of interest to the wider community of Chairmen, Non Executive Directors and Executive Directors.  Items may be presented as direct information or links to relevant pages on this and other sites.

The ITNEA is sponsored by EY.  The ITNEA thanks EY for making access to their material, referenced below, available from this ITNEA web site.


EY’s support for the non executive director community

EY is delighted to be the core sponsor of ITNEA.

We recognise the challenges that non executive directors face in their roles, and the need for support with both technical and regulatory issues. ITNEA is a supporting forum for non-executive directors and chairmen in the TMT sector. This is complemented by our own suite of Independent Director Programmes for non executive / independent directors of FTSE 350 and mid-market companies.

The EY Independent Director Programmes comprise role based networks which include technical workshops, discussion events, news, guidance and networking receptions:

·         FTSE350 Independent Director Programme – for non executive/independent directors of FTSE 350 companies

·         Mid-market Independent Director Programme - a tailored programme which addresses the unique issues and challenges facing independent directors of mid-market / fast growth companies

·         Financial Services Independent Director Programme – specific to independent directors in the FS sector

·         Audit Committee Chair Programme – for audit committee chairs of FTSE 350 companies

Our events for independent directors take place in Central London, Dublin and Edinburgh.

Find out more
 To find out more about, and join, any of our Independent Director Programmes please contact


Papers of Interest

Web site marketing

Today board members are well aware of the importance of their web sites.  However, web site marketing, - the process of getting the right surfers to land on your site and the right page - is both strategic and tactical.  In many companies the approach is tactical without the top level input. Web site Marketing - a board perspective

For other papers other of interest to NEDs  see: Papers


EY  produces a number of news and thought leadership pieces that will be of interest to the NED community:

Publications and guidance for NEDs

Board Matters Quarterly

Insights for Audit Committee Members
Insights is produced by Tapestry Networks to provide assessments of key issues of interest to audit committee members.

  • Issue 16 Insights for European Audit Committee Members - Audit committee oversight of emerging market risks, May 2012.  

Assessing the performance of the audit committee – a checklist
checklist be used by audit committees to perform a self evaluation or by boards as part of their assessment of the performance of the audit committee (as required by the Combined Code).

                       Economic and financial reports

ITEM Club UK economic forecast
The Ernst & Young ITEM Club is the only non-governmental economic forecasting group to use the HM Treasury model of the UK economy. ITEM’s forecasts are independent of any political, economic or business bias, providing an impartial benchmark for other private and public economic forecasts.  
Read the
latest ITEM Club forecast. 

Eurozone economic forecast
Read the
latest Eurozone economic forecast

Capital Insights
A quarterly publication focusing on managing capital within the context of the current economic and regulatory climate.
View the latest issue

 Other publications of interest to the NED community

CFO and Beyond: the possibilities and pathways outside Finance
In this global study, we explore the unprecedented demand for CFOs to take on additional roles to their job as finance leader. Based on a study of more than 1,000 CFOs, the report explores why shareholders want serving CFOs on their boards, the pros and cons of being a non-executive director, and how to be successful, the future of board composition, how candidates for board roles can prepare and what it takes to make the transition to CEO or non-executive director.

Providing valuable insight and analysis for business professionals. Also available on iPad and iPhone.
View the latest issue

Our tax insights for business leaders.
View the latest issue

Growing beyond : Looking beyond the obvious - Globalization and new opportunities for growth
Is your company playing it safe? In today’s complex, globalized world, that’s not unusual. Most companies are sticking to obvious locations for investment and refusing to take risks in an uncertain environment. But it’s also risky to stand still while competitors race by. Download the full report for:

·         Hard facts from our extensive research on globalization

·         Insights from top business leaders

·         Case studies of how innovative companies have turned challenges into opportunities to succeed in a difficult global environment

Global corporate divestment study: Maximizing divestment success in an uncertain economy
The study presents a view on current divestment activity and the outlook for the next two to three years. We identify five leading practices that help companies close successful divestments and outperform their peers, even in an uncertain economy. Read the full report and more on our
Transaction Advisory Services webpages.