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Association for NEDs & Chairman in listed technology and related media businesses.  Advertising for chairmen, non executive directors and related roles




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    The Association        Information on the association and membership criteria

    Appointments           Seeking a chairman or NED role - for Members Only

    The Committee

    News and Meetings   Planned meetings and historic summary of meetings

    NED Search             How ITNEA can help you find an non executive director, and other related advertising / recruitment

    Chairman Search      How ITNEA can help you find a chairman

    Joining                     How to apply to join the ITNEA       

    Sponsors                 Information on sponsors and sponsorship

    Board Matters          Information for directors provided by Ernst and Yong

    References and Resources

        Site Map and Search page

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            Papers published by the ITNEA

            The Role  The role of the non executive / independent director

            Remuneration  Survey of NED and Chairmen remuneration

            Web Site Marketing Paper on the role of the board in directing the marketing of the business' web site

         Topical Papers

            Papers contributed by others

            Options   Paper on option under water.  made topical by recent events    

    Resources / links- pages  - external links and references